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Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set

Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set

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Smokeless Candle Accessory Set: Use a candle wick cutter to cut candle wicks to prevent soot and prolong burn time; candle extinguisher to extinguish burning candles cleanly without spattering hot wax.

How To Use

Wick Trimmer

Use only when your candle has been extinguished, and the wick has cooled down completely.

Can be used to trim container candle wicks & pillar candle wicks.

Clip the cooled down wick 5-6mm above the wax. Make sure that the wick is trimmed and now at an upright position.

Trim the wick every time before burning the candle.

Wick Snuffer

Long handle to safely extinguish wicks and prevent spray of wax or burns. You can hold the candlesnuffers just above the candle flame to snuff it out, the wide rotating head is easy to reach candles from multiple angle, safer than blowing

Wick Dipper

Use the wick dippers to put the wick into the melted candle oil, and then quickly lift the wick to extinguish the candle, reduce the smoke produced by the extinguishment of the candle and avoid soot on your walls and lengthen the life, which is also beneficial to the maintenance of the candle cotton wick


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