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Pothole Fix Sealer SS60 - 20L

Pothole Fix Sealer SS60 - 20L

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Pothole Fix Sealer SS60 is effective for sealing a pothole cavity prior to filling it with Pacifrica Pothole Fix asphalt. Could be mixed with water to dilute

Take Note:
Obtain special permission before use from authorities (If necessary). Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood.

What's in the box

1 x Pothole Fix Sealer

How To Use

Instructions how to use Pothole Fix Sealer:
Remove failed pavement and trim the edges. Remove all the loose debris, dust, and stagnant water.
You can dilute the sealer with water 1:1.
Apply a coat to the pothole, covering the entire cavity.
Leave to dry for at least 30min. As soon as it turns to a black colour it is ready to be filled.
Lay the Pacifrica Pothole Mix and compact with hand tamping (spade or hoe) or with a plate compactor or roller compactor (recommended).
Apply sealer on top of the pothole around the edges for extra durability.
The area is ready to open for traffic after 30min.


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