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Pothole Fix - 25kg

Pothole Fix - 25kg

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Pothole Fix is a fast, easy, and economical way to make instant road and pathway repairs. Pothole Fix can be applied in any weather and low temperatures, Minimum surface preparation is necessary. 

Minimum order quantity is 625kg 

Pothole Fix is Effective for:
- Emergency patching or repair of broken road surfaces or potholes.
- Paving for village roads, hill roads & roads in isolated areas.
- Restoring excavated road surfaces after laying underground utilities.
- Pacing for parking areas, driveways, footpaths sidewalks, and others.
- Excellent for repairing asphalt, stone, cement, or cement brick roads.
- Easy to apply - No mixing, no heating, just spread and compact (DIY).

Pothole Fix is sealed tightly and can be stored for about 12 months.

What's in the box
1 x 25kg Bucket with cold asphalt

How To Use

Instructions for use of Pothole Fix:
- Keep the bucket in the sun before starting with the application as it will make the asphalt softer and easier to use.
- Remove failed pavement and trim the edges, remove all the loose debris, dust, and stagnant water.
- Apply some bituminous tack coat for better bonding (recommended but not necessary).
- In case of an excessive storage period make the Pothole Fix lose before use.
- Lay the Pothole Mix/Cold mix asphalt
- Compact the evenly laid Pothole Mix/Cold mix asphalt with hand tamping (spade or hoe) or with a plate
compactor or roller compactor (recommended).
- The area is ready to open for traffic immediately after compaction.

Obtain special permission before use from authorities (If necessary). Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Do not breathe in the dust. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear suitable gloves, goggles, and clothes. Remove contaminated clothing and wash it before reuse.


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