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Park a Bark - Pet Leash Wall Hook

Park a Bark - Pet Leash Wall Hook

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Park a Bark Pet Leash Wall Hook is used to "park" your dog temporarily when needed. Hook a pet's leash when you need an extra hand at the vet or when visiting pet-friendly recreational facilities.

It's manufactured by hand in South Africa from steel and powder coated for extra durability.

The long hook makes it near impossible for the leash to slide off.

When correctly installed the hook can easily hold a 40kg dog's weight when pulled.

Install using the included nail-in anchors (5mm) or use your own roll bolts for even more strength

- Handmade with steel
- Powder coated
- Indoor/Outdoor use
- Can hold pets up to 40kgs
- Available in White, Black and Red
- 4 x 5mm Nail-in anchors included

 *Out-of-stock items ordered will be fulfilled within 14 days

** Custom colours: Let us know in the notes/comments of your order, which colour you want. Custom colour orders will be fulfilled within 14 days

What's in the box
  • 1 x Park a Bark Pet Leash Wall Hook
  • 4 x Nail-in Anchors

How To Use

- Place the hook on the desired mounting surface.
- We recommended installing the hook about 1m above ground level
- Mark the holes with a pencil
- Drill the holes with a 5mm drill bit
- Place the hook on the surface and align it with the predrilled holes
- Insert the Nail-in anchors into the holes through the hook
- Hammer in the nails until level with the hook's surface


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