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Multi Purpose Crack Filler - 2 Kg

Multi Purpose Crack Filler - 2 Kg

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Pacifrica multi-purpose crack filler is a tough filler formulated with a unique blend of cement and binders to provide a weather-resistant, quick-setting, and flexible surface for both interior and exterior applications. Multi-purpose crack filler dries white.

- easy to apply
- quick setting
- extra strong adhesion
- interior exterior
- paintable
- re-sealable bucket

Recommended uses:
- fills in gaps around timber or metal door and window frames and skirting boards
- can be applied to the surface of both interior and exterior cement walls, plaster, gypsum boards and asbestos cement surfaces
- can be used to plaster over small surface imperfections

What's in the box
1 x 2 Kg Bucket With Crack Filler

How To Use

- Open up all cracks to ensure good adhesion. Surfaces to be filled must be clean and dust-free
- add 2 parts Pacifica crack filler to 1 part water & mix thoroughly
- allow standing 5 min before using
- stir well to smooth paste
- Pacifica multi-purpose crack filler remains workable for about 1 hour after mixing
- Press the paste into cavities with a putty knife or trowel
- deep cavities can be filled in two or more stages
- drying time 2-5 hours
- sand smooth with a medium grit sandpaper


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