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Melting Pot Electrical - 10 Liter (No Tap)

Melting Pot Electrical - 10 Liter (No Tap)

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Stainless steel electric melting pot used for melting wax, soap or chocolate up to 10 liters at a time. DOES NOT HAVE A TAP. The melted contents needs to be scooped out.

The stainless steel insert is seamless and removable for easy cleaning. The insulation is also made from stainless steel (black or silver) and is powder coated/polished.

This pot is fitted with a hinged lid and with non-slip feet

The temperature range is from 0°C - 95°C and warms the contents from the sides. The pot is isolated and will not damage the surface it is on.

The pot is easy to clean whilst the contents are still warm.

Current: 220V/400W

Size: 33 x 33 x 38cm

Melting Pot Volume: 10 Liters

How To Use

Pour contents into pot.
Turn the dial to the desired temperature
Once contents has melted, you can use a ladle or jug to scoop it out


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