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DIY White Cement - 5Kg

DIY White Cement - 5Kg

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52.5N Portland White Cement in 5Kg Bucket

Pacifrica White Cement is a multipurpose decorative and molding cement.

Usage and Storage Precautions:
Ensure the existing surface is clean, rough and free from any loose material or dust.
Clean all surfaces with Pacifrica Sugar Soap* and remove all algae and fungus.
All tools must be cleaned before and after using the product.
Dampen the existing surface before applying plaster.
During the initial curing time, the temperature of the mix may rise to approximately 60C.
Do not apply to damp surfaces / or surfaces in contact with water.
Handle the product carefully to avoid dust generation.
Fold over the inner bag when not in use.
Store the product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area.
Secure the product when transporting it to prevent accidental spillage.
Please dispose of the empty bag and don't use it for any other purpose.
Do not dispose of products in the common waste system.

What's in the box
1 x White Cement in a 5Kg Bucket

How To Use

Mixing ratio: 1 part White Cement + 2 parts water + 3 parts aggregate (like sand, glass, fibres, stones etc.
Sprinkle White Cement into clean water. Use slightly warmer water to speed up curing process.
Leave the mixture to stand for approximately 60 seconds.
Mix thoroughly with a paddle until a lump-free consistency is obtained.


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