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Fragrance Oil - Rose

Fragrance Oil - Rose

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Scents in roses come from over 300 compounds. The alluring fragrance of the rose flower, especially the more unusual derivatives, is often utilized for perfume and floral composites. Pink roses tend to have this aromatic and velvety mystical and elusive essence that poets, artists and perfumers have strived to capture through the passage of time. Highly prized in the ancient world, these beautiful, fragrant blooms symbolized ethereal beauty and passion and were sacred to Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses of love in the Greek and Roman civilizations. The fragrance of roses was said to relax and clear the mind.

ragrance oils are highly concentrated synthetic or natural aroma compounds mixed with a near-scentless carrier oil. These aroma compounds are lightweight, allowing them to reach your scent receptors as they break down.

If you are looking for the most intense scent per unit, fragrance oil candles win.

Use in paraffin wax, soy wax and glycerin.

10ml & 30ml per bottle

How To Use

Use between 2 – 6% in wax.  Melt the wax, remove it from the heat source and add the fragrance oil.

Use 1 – 2% in soap.


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