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Cement Oxide - Yellow

Cement Oxide - Yellow

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Pacifrica DIY Cement Oxide is a coloured organic oxide for colouring various cement-based products and mixes. This is ideal to tint your Pacifrica DIY Concrete kits.

Working on a home project and want to spruce up that boring old concrete? Oxides are a great way to add a tint to your building material! If you’re interested in staining concrete with oxides, rest assured that this isn’t nearly as complex as it may initially seem.

For an even brighter colour, mix your concrete with a white aggregate.

- Coloured organic oxides for colouring cement
- Decorative screeds
- Coloured plasters
- Coloured bricks/ blocks
- Cementitious paints
- Coloured pond coatings
- Coloured planters

It is best to do a test sample to achieve the desired colour.

Do not exceed a mixing ratio of 1 part Oxide to 10 parts cement by weight.


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