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Candle Test Minis

Candle Test Minis

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Lined cupcake cups, also known as cupcake liners or baking cups, are paper or foil cups used to line the cavities of a muffin or cupcake pan. These liners serve several purposes in the baking and craft industry. We call our Candle Test Minis.


  • Paper: Traditional cupcake liners are typically made of paper. They come in various colours, patterns, and sizes. The paper is usually treated to be grease-resistant to prevent the cupcake from sticking to the liner.
  • Foil: Foil liners are often made from aluminium or a combination of paper and foil. These liners are more rigid and can better retain their shape, making them suitable for a variety of baking applications.


  • Candle Testing
  • Prevention of Sticking
  • Easy Release


  • Sizes: Cupcake liners come in various sizes to fit different muffins or cupcake pans. Standard sizes include mini, standard, and jumbo.
  • Colours and Patterns: Liners are available in a wide array of colours and patterns, allowing for the creative and decorative presentation of cupcakes.

What You Get: 10x Standard size Cupcake Cups

Limited: 3 max per customer

Height: 4cm
Width: 7cm
Bottom: 5cm


How To Use

It is safer to use proper candle holders designed for candles. Always prioritize safety when dealing with open flames. Place the cup on a stable, non-flammable surface. Keep a close eye on the burning candle; never leave it unattended. Ensure the cup is stable before lighting the candle. Keep burning time short to minimize risks. Place the cup on a heat-resistant surface if possible. Use a candle snuffer or metal lid to extinguish the flame.


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