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Candle Making Heat Gun

Candle Making Heat Gun

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The Black & Decker KX1650 Heat Gun has 2 temperature and air flow settings giving the user added flexibility. The temperature settings range from 460-600 degrees Celsius. This heat gun is ideal for stripping paint, varnishes and adhesives. The built in stand allows hands-free use. The balanced ergonomic design reduces fatigue when being used over a longer period.

- 1750 watts
- Ideal for stripping paint, varnishes and adhesives
- Built in stand for hands free application
- 2 heat and airflow settings
- Temperature ranges for 460-600 degrees

- Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 36cm
- Weight: 3kg
- Colour: Orange
- Material: Polypropylene
- Warranty: 24 Months

What's in the box
x 1 Black & Decker 1750W Heat Gun

How To Use

Using a heat gun for candle making involves several steps to ensure safe and effective wax melting and shaping. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a heat gun for candle making:

Safety first: Before starting, make sure you have a clean and well-ventilated workspace. Protect your work surface with a heat-resistant mat or aluminum foil to prevent any damage or wax spills. Wear heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands from hot wax and always follow the manufacturer's safety instructions.

Prepare your materials: Gather the wax you intend to melt and any additional candle-making supplies like molds, fragrance oils, wicks, and dyes. Ensure that your heat gun is plugged in and ready to use.

Set up your workspace: Position your heat gun in a stable and accessible location. Keep it away from any flammable materials or objects that may be affected by the heat.

Melt the wax: Start by placing the desired amount of wax into a heat-resistant container or a double boiler setup. If you're using a heat-resistant container, make sure it's suitable for heat gun use. Hold the heat gun at a safe distance from the container and apply heat to the wax. Begin with a low temperature setting and gradually increase it as the wax starts to melt. Continuously move the heat gun in a sweeping motion to distribute the heat evenly and avoid overheating in one area. Be patient and avoid rushing the melting process.

Monitor the wax temperature: Regularly check the temperature of the wax using a thermometer. Different types of wax have specific melting points, so it's crucial to stay within the recommended temperature range.


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